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Grandma Blanton’s 80th Birthday


Last weekend we went to Wilmington to celebrate Jesalyn’s grandma’s 80th birthday. All of her dad’s side of the family came into town and stayed for the weekend. It was a great celebration and a rare occasion to have everyone there. We had the official party on Saturday night and Elvis made a surprise visit. Jesalyn’s dad broke out his old Elvis costume and surprised everyone. Check out the video of Bob as Elvis and try not to laugh.


Christmas comes early for the Blantons

What a great week! Its been a week of family and fun. Jesalyn’s family was all together for a short couple days to celebrate Christmas (a little early). Her brother, Bobby, and his wife come in town from Florida. Her sister Delyn, and her husband and daughter come in from Wilmington, NC. Jesalyn took a couple days off work and I worked my week around this weekend so we can all just enjoy being together. It has been such a needed break from the stresses of life.

We exchanged gifts on Thursday morning following a brunch fixed by Jes’ brother. Here are some pictures of the family. Morgan (Jesalyn’s niece) had a great time. She got the Hello Kitty ear muffs in the picutre, a diary (with a lock and key), tons of clothes, a YooHoo fuzzy ¬†toy that she has “always wanted”, stickers, and tons of crafts. Jes and I got her the diary and fuzzy toy and it made my day that she would not put either one of them down. She carried the diary everywhere she went making sure everyone knew they couldn’t read what she was writing.

Last night we took a trip to Salisbury for dinner with Bobby and Grace and an old friend from Asheboro. We had a great dinner and followed it up by bowling for a couple hours. There’s nothing quite like the nostalgia of small town bowling alleys. It was complete with a retro snack bar and a DJ.

We still have an evening planned tonight. I’m looking forward to dinner with her parents and Bobby and Grace followed by a night hanging out with B&G. This week has flown by. It has been full of fun and family. Its amazing how you get caught up in life and forget the importance of family. Jes and I have been blessed with amazing families. I thank God for them all the time, but its times like these that make me realize just how blessed we are.

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