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Science, God, Sex, and Trees

Law: Matter cannot be created or destroyed.

Scientists have been at war with religion for a long time. Science is based on Truth. Religion is based on Truth. How can the two co-exist if their Truth is not the same?

They can’t.

Truth is Truth and I am going to use Scientific Law to prove God exists.

First we must define God. God is Life. He always has been and always will be. He is creator. He is God.

So how can I prove God using science. Its actually easy. I don’t know why this has never clicked with me, but here it is. I thought of this in Biology class the other day. We were watching little cells and talking about life and law.

Scientific Law says Life comes from Life. This is a testable, provable, law. It is true in every circumstance and every try. If you take two of the exact environments and try to create life, the only way it will ever happen is if you have a form of life in your environment. You will never have an environment without any trace of life be able to produce life without putting life in it.

I’ll break it down. For people life is created by sex. This is no surprise. Even with genetic breakthroughs we still need some form of life (DNA) to create more life. We can alter DNA, but we can not produce it.

Plants need other plants, cells need other cells, etc. You cannot create a living cell without using another living cell. Therefore Science would support the fact that life has always been. Life can only be created from Life.

So this disproves any “Big Bang Theory” or crazy notion that says a worm hole spit out life from nowhere. Good try Dawkins, but time is proving that you are an idiot so I don’t have to.

God is life. He has always been. We have been created from this life. Therefore He is creator.

Even if we evolved from a single cell, something had to create that single cell. Something that had life had to give that cell life.

So were created from a life that has always been here and will always be here. Sounds familiar to me.

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