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Live from ORANGE!

Here are some quotes from the breakout session on Youth Discipleship by Doug Fields.

“Discipleship is not a short term process.”

“We (youth leaders) do the possible and have faith that God will do the impossible.”

“A youth pastor’s job is not just to lead students, but to lead parents and other leaders as well.”

“Disappointment opens the door to spiritual growth.”

“People (kids) don’t remember your messages, they remember you. Lead by example.”

“If leaders (messages) are not repetitive they are not effective.”

“Don’t just give the kids a Bible… Give them resources.”


Three things…

Why should we read the Bible? Andy Stanley says the Bible holds answers to the only three problems that we face in life.




That’s why the Bible stays relevant. That’s why it has passed the test of time.

Why has Christianity survived the test of time? Our LOVE sets us apart. The story of Jesus is a story of love and that is in the Bible too.

So why aren’t you reading it? Find one, pick it up, and read it…

Lottery Prediction

Check out my trick from this month’s UMA meeting.

Gabby <3 Alley


We have a house guest this week and Alley has a new BFF. They are just alike. Gabby is the Washburn’s dog. She is such a sweet dog! Check out the video of them playing on my YouTube page. They are like this nonstop. Well except for the few precious moments like the pic.

A Look Inside… My Brain

Are you waiting for the end or trying to end the wait?

This is the type of thought that drives me. It probably doesn’t make sense to you and if you think you know what it means, it probably means something completely different to me. It’s a raw idea, a flow of thoughts, a progression of a concept. It started with a line in a song and triggered thoughts from a book I’m reading and all I want to do is write out these ideas. Most of the time these thoughts end up making no sense when I start to write them out, but every once in a while I get something that’s slightly comprehensive. This interogative nature has always been inside me, but it took me a long time to begin to embrace it. I don’t know  if its a blessing or a curse, but now I will not be able to get this idea out of my head for a long time.

Does anyone else get consumed by ideas that seem to come from odd places?

This is the song that sparked my mental revolution. It is from one of my favorite bands and I have heard it dozens of times, but for some reason I actually listened to it today.

From the nature of this post you can probably assume there will be an upcoming post about this idea. If I get time to sit down and write through this idea and it seems somewhat coherent then you would be correct.

MythBusters (Vol. 2)

Will the lizard live?

Vol 2: The Aftermath

Thank you for being a part of my science experiment today.
This one just kind of crept up on me… literally. He was squirming across my living room floor and both my dogs were too busy sleeping to notice.

MythBusters (Vol. 1)

Will a lizards tail really fall off if you catch it?

Vol 1: The Tail

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Getting Inspired

I often get drug down by life. My creativity becomes stale as to-do list becomes heavy. Is this common? Does creativity and expression take a back seat in your life? I can’t force it. I can’t count the number of times I have wanted to write and I sit down down to a blank screen with a broken keyboard.

So I have to inspire myself and these are some of the ways I do it…

Read the words of Jesus and David. Not just reading the Bible, but something about the red words inspire me. The poems of David also speak to me in a, “wow, this guys thinks just like me” kinda way. But the words of Jesus inspire me to think outside myself.

Watch a good magic routine. A good routine will have a couple moments of impossibility. I seldom get a moment like that from a single magic trick, but a well structured routine doesn’t give you time to contemplate the impossibility before it hits you with another moment of mystery. These moments inspire me to live magically and achieve impossible things.

Youtube. This one is simple. I have wasted a lot of time on Youtube, but its also a great place to find inspiration. I watch clips of debates, sermons, documentaries, and tons of priceless content. Its so easy to get side tracked when on Youtube, but once in a while you will find a gem of inspiration. Like this one…

Spend time with inspiring people. I learn so much in conversation and community. The intelligence of some people inspires me. The passion of some people inspire me. The ignorance of other people inspire me. The ambition of some people inspire me. Some people just inspire. It isn’t always agreeing with someone or understanding them. It is being around them. It feeding off them. It is listening to them. It is arguing with them. It is praying with them. It is them.

Those are some of the things that inspire me. What inspires you?

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