Bucket List

1. Marry the woman of my dreams

2. Live in/near NYC

3. Watch David Blaine live

4. See the Panthers or Bobcats (or any Carolina based professional basketball, football, or baseball team) win a Championship.

5. Have my mom watch me graduate with a bachelors degree

6. Go to a Garth Brooks concert

7. Adopt a child

8. Visit Rome and London

9. Design and draw a tattoo on my wife

10. The tenth one is a secret and a work in progress.

Have you written out your bucket list. Now I have and you are my witness. I was inspired by a possiblity of seeing Garth next week. I have already kind of seen him. When I was about 15 we went to the Rockefeller Tree Lighting. Garth performed a song or two and we couldn’t see him at all. We could barely even hear him. I am really hoping #6 will be crossed out next weekend. I am working directly on several of these and indirectly on all of them except #4 and #8. What do you think? Am I missing anything?


About mikedavenport

Mike Davenport: I live in Charlotte, NC. I am studying to follow my calling into The Ministry of Jesus Christ. I am not exactly sure where God is calling me, but I am listening. I am married to my beautiful wife Jesalyn and we are about to have our first child.

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  1. Great list! I’ve got one as well but it’s a little more lengthy than yours. My parents have seen Garth in concert before and had a blast. I’ve heard he puts on an amazing show!

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