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Beautiful Day on Campus



I actually enjoy being on campus on days like this. Summer classes are kind of depressing, but when you have time to chill out and enjoy the campus, it’s kind of nice.


A little card trick

I haven’t posted any magic in a while so I thought I would post this video did a month or so ago. Enjoy

Half Way to Leo’s Grand Entrance


Michael Leonard

We are almost there. October is fast approaching and I can’t wait.Michael Leonard Davenport will make his grand entrance into the world this fall. Jesalyn and I are so excited!!!

To reveal the sex to my family I took a trip to see my Great Aunt Blanche. She has never had kids and always treated my dad like he was her son. Her health is decreasing and she told everyone she just wanted to know the sex in case she didn’t live to see the baby being born. Not only did she know, but she got the privilege of calling everyone else in the family and telling them.

We are about half way through the pregnancy and Jesalyn has been experiencing some crazy effects. She has started loving pickles and Mexican food. She still gets sick with certain smells and even some sounds. She eats constantly and gets hungry at crazy times. Having a pregnant woman in the house is fun and exhausting. I can’t wait to see how fun and exhausting having a baby in the house will be.

Back to blogging

I took some time off from blogging. I had three writing intensive courses last semester. I wrote more than I wanted to write in my entire life. Now that it is over, I’m ready to start blogging again. With the world premier of our baby coming in the fall, I figured its the perfect time. I can’t wait to be the doting father that posts every second of his son’s life online. So here is a recap of the last several months of my life…


1. Jesalyn is pregnant… with my baby!

2. I finished my last core classes I need to graduate, but I have a few more hours to take before finishing.

3. I won a free trip to NYC and we took a 10 day trip to the city for my spring break.

With the exception of school, church, and magic, that’s about it. Now that you are caught up, be looking for more posts to be coming in the future.

End of the World?

Conversation with Craig Stone


When I’m Bored

This is what happens when I’m bored. Last night my wife was watching one of her dumb shows on TV and I didn’t know what to do. So I grabbed the camera and decided to have fun with myself. There are no camera tricks or fancy edits. I just edited a bunch of clips of me jamming for the camera together and this is what I got.

I hope you enjoy. If you are looking for some other of my magic videos click here.

10 ideas to help with ministry discouragement (by Doug Fields)

I copied this from Doug Fields’ blog at It is a great word for everyone. It starts out directed at people in the ministry, but I think these words apply to everyone. Just replace the word “ministry” with “job” or “calling”. The content starts here…

When you say yes to ministry, you also say yes to periods of discouragement. Here are some harsh realities:

• Discouragement is painful.
• Discouragement is untimely.
• Discouragement is lonely.

Be confident that you’re not alone in your hurt (see yesterday’s comments).

Here are 10 ways that you might battle the occasional seasons of discouragement:

1. Find an experienced, but neutral, mentor who will listen to you. My encouragement is to make sure this person is outside your church so your conversation isn’t divisive.

2. Seek to spend time with an upbeat friend who is outside of your youth ministry. The benefit of an upbeat friend is that being with a friend who doesn’t really care about your ministry, but cares about you, can be very refreshing.

3. Realize that not everyone will understand you and your ministry. Actually, it’s fairly safe to state that no one will value your ministry as much as you. Perspective can be insightful.

4. Take a day off. A real day off…a day off of email, a day away from the ministry, a day of rest.

5. Schedule solo time away. Once a quarter take an entire day with your journal and Bible and get away. Solitude can really help.

6. Clear the piles on your desk. Piles can be depressing! Shove everything into a box and deal with it later. A clean desk can make a difference in your attitude.

7. Get some sleep. Even if you don’t think you need more sleep, get some any way.

8. Start in a discouragement journal. Write your thoughts out. Write out the discouragement journey from A-Z. It’s amazing when you look back and see God taking you thru a discouraging season and it will happen again.

9. Begin an affirmation file. Save the “keepers”… read them when necessary. Being reminded that you’re not hated and/or a loser can help.

10. Pray! You’re not the first leader to bend the ear of God.

Thankfully there is hope in the midst of discouragement, and because the God of the universe is involved, it’s plentiful. Light is out there for the discouraged.

Don’t loose sight of the eternal Light in the midst of the temporary darkness. When discouragement hits you, count on the reality that God will use that season in your life to increase your ministry effectiveness (God doesn’t waste a hurt).

There’s my 10 ideas…please add to the list! Next week I’ll post all your ideas from yesterday and today. I’m anxious to learn from your ideas!

These are such great steps that everyone should follow. I think numbers 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 are huge in my life. Without doing these things every once in a while I would be so lost. 

Best Card Trick Ever…

My tribute the the professor Dai Vernon.

For more of my magic and other videos click here.

Live from ORANGE!

Here are some quotes from the breakout session on Youth Discipleship by Doug Fields.

“Discipleship is not a short term process.”

“We (youth leaders) do the possible and have faith that God will do the impossible.”

“A youth pastor’s job is not just to lead students, but to lead parents and other leaders as well.”

“Disappointment opens the door to spiritual growth.”

“People (kids) don’t remember your messages, they remember you. Lead by example.”

“If leaders (messages) are not repetitive they are not effective.”

“Don’t just give the kids a Bible… Give them resources.”

Lottery Prediction

Check out my trick from this month’s UMA meeting.

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