Monthly Archives: May 2010

Settlin’ Down

The last couple years of our life have been crazy to say the least. A quick rundown: somewhere around 8 jobs, 3 churches (4 small groups), and 4 places to live. Family and friends have overwhelmed us with drama and insanity (an understatement). I guess you could say we were learning to not expect anything. How have we gotten to this point? It all started a couple years ago when I was dreaming of living in NYC. ¬†Somehow we got from there to here. I’m back in school and living on an acre of land in suburban Charlotte. Not quite Manhattan, but it is a plan to take us in that direction. A smarter alternative to giving it all up and risking everything to follow my passion. I guess you could say its a 5 year plan with options.

I have never been so satisfied about where I am in life. I’ve been comfortable before; I’ve been excited before; I’ve even been happy, but never quite as content with all the pieces of my life. For the first time in my life I am satisfied. Satisfied with exactly where I am at; satisfied with where my wife is at; satisfied with our jobs, our house, our goals, and our¬†uncertainty.

Where will we be a year from now? I have no idea. I have a goal, a plan, a dream, but not a clue. All I know is I can’t wait to find out. We are here and that’s fine. I guess this is the first time I can say I would be happy in the same house, with these same jobs, and the same family two years from now. That says it all.

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