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Quick Magic Update

I haven’t posted in a while, but here is a quick magic update.


Impromptu Magic

This month at UMA was impromptu magic. I took it as a challenge to use genuine borrowed objects and perform a miracle or two. There were some other great performances from fellow magicians.

UMA Christmas Videos

This is my Christmas Card Trick. Enjoy

UMA Christmas Party

There’s something magical about Christmas, especially when you have a Christmas party with a bunch of magicians. My beautiful wife accompanied me to the United Magicians Association’s Christmas party tonight. After a feast made by Boston Market and a little fellowship we got to top off the night with Holiday Magic. We got to see Glen Yost float Rudolf’s nose around the room. Craig Stone did an amazing routine with his daughter using nothing, but a pink hanky. I finally got to witness the infamous thimble at work on the fingertips of Buddy Farnan. Mike G, Leon the Illusionist, and Haydini all graced the stage.

What a great night! It was the best night of magic (overall) that I have seen at a UMA meeting. There may be video to follow shortly, but for now just check out the pictures. Check out a couple more on my facebook page.

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