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Church Sucks!

Got your attention? Good, now to get my point across…

I will be using the term “Church” in general, so please don’t take this the wrong way. In fact, if you know me at all, you already know I say things a little out of line sometimes. Its always good to push social boundaries, so here it goes.

In my Eastern Religion class we had Show And Tell. The teacher didn’t actually call it that, but that’s exactly what it was. Each person brought an object that makes them feel “spiritual”. We were all asked to share about the object and ourselves. As we went around the room I made a couple observations.

I noticed quickly that I was the minority. I guess I should have expected that, being in an Eastern Religion class there won’t be too many Christians. That’s like being the man in the Woman’s History class or the white person in the African American Studies class. You should expect to be a minority, but I wasn’t quite prepared for it.

I also realized that most of the people in the class had been raised in a Christian household. As part of our intro we weren’t really supposed to tell about our “spirituality”, but it just seemed to come out of everyone as they spoke. I guess I should have seen this coming too. We are in Charlotte, NC and the “Bible Belt” of a country that claims to be predominantly Christian.

So why are all these people my age, who were raised in Christian families no longer Christians? I kept hearing the same reason. I heard it at least four or five times in a class of 22 students.


The one thing that is supposed to bring us to Christ has turned nearly 1/4 of my class away from Christ. WHAT?

Ok, so its not all bad, right? I’m sure someone in my class was impacted positively by Church. Am I really the only one? Maybe there was someone else, but no one vocalized it.

I walked out of class thinking, “Church sucks!” I have heard many people say that the Church is broken, but this is beyond broken. When something is broken it stops performing the thing it was created to perform. Church has not only stopped performing its intended goal, it is doing the exact opposite.

Church Sucks!

OK, so I know there are good Churches that are not broken. They actually function somewhat like a Church is supposed to, but for every Church that “works” there are four or five others that don’t. Trust me, I have done the math. (Keep in mind that 70% of statistics are made up)

So I think its safe to say it, Church sucks. If there was any other object that only performed its intended job 1 out of 5 times we would say the same thing. If a pitcher only pitches a strike one out of five pitches. They are a bad pitcher. If they only throw in the direction of the batter one our of five pitches…they suck! If a teacher finishes the school year and only 1 out of 5 of their students got any smarter, you might say they are a bad teacher. If the other four students actually left the class dumber than when they came in, they suck!

You get the point.

What if I were to step out of the Eastern Religion class and take a more fair sample of my generation? Would I get the same results? How about going outside the Bible Belt? Does Church impact people differently in other places?

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