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Half Way to Leo’s Grand Entrance


Michael Leonard

We are almost there. October is fast approaching and I can’t wait.Michael Leonard Davenport will make his grand entrance into the world this fall. Jesalyn and I are so excited!!!

To reveal the sex to my family I took a trip to see my Great Aunt Blanche. She has never had kids and always treated my dad like he was her son. Her health is decreasing and she told everyone she just wanted to know the sex in case she didn’t live to see the baby being born. Not only did she know, but she got the privilege of calling everyone else in the family and telling them.

We are about half way through the pregnancy and Jesalyn has been experiencing some crazy effects. She has started loving pickles and Mexican food. She still gets sick with certain smells and even some sounds. She eats constantly and gets hungry at crazy times. Having a pregnant woman in the house is fun and exhausting. I can’t wait to see how fun and exhausting having a baby in the house will be.

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