So its dark, hot, and too quiet. I don’t know which of these things is worse.

Our power went out almost two hours ago. The weather was ridiculous for about 10 minutes and during the crazy wind and rain everything went black.

Now we are just waiting on the lights to come back, most importantly, the AC. We aren’t too concerned. The power company said we can expect power to return by 1AM. Hopefully they are correct, because our freezer has probably thawed and I am wasting my cell battery by writing this.

Just sitting here in the silence has me thinking… Don’t you hate it when that happens? Here are some random questions that are floating around in my head.

What’s up with all the crazy weather across the world?

How did/do people live without power?

Some people live without clean water and power. How is that even possible?

Our house smells like cookies because all the candles we have are sugar cookie scented, because that’s Jes’ favorite. We should probably invest in non scented candles for next time.

There are only three things to do at night without power… read, write, and play with cards. I don’t see how more card tricks weren’t created back before we had power.

It’s no wonder why old people go to bed early.

And wouldn’t you know it…LET THERE BE LIGHT! Perfect timing for the power to come back.

It’s times like this that make you appreciate thing you usually take for granted. It’s funny how we forget how blessed we are until something is taken away or broken. This has been a subtle reminder of something I learned several years ago. God uses disappointment, loss, and heart break to show us something that we would never have noticed without it. Often we are too busy, self righteous, or just too complacent to see God trying to show us something. When something goes wrong or something we take for granted in our lives is suddenly taken from us we realize we are powerless, we become vulnerable and we become more receptive. That is why God uses those times to mold us, teach us, and show us something we may never see in a regular moment in life.

I am going to be going to bed and thanking God for all the little luxuries we have in life and praying for all the people in the world who do not have them. That is what God has been showing me in the silence and stillness of this powerless night.

What has God shown you in the dark moments?


About mikedavenport

Mike Davenport: I live in Charlotte, NC. I am studying to follow my calling into The Ministry of Jesus Christ. I am not exactly sure where God is calling me, but I am listening. I am married to my beautiful wife Jesalyn and we are about to have our first child.

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