I’m a Momma’s Boy! (Mother’s Day Edition)

The measure of a relationship is usually the answer to the question, “Where would my life be without this person?” Usually the richer the relationship the harder this is to answer. When asking this question about a mom the answer is simple. Nowhere…

I don’t get caught up too much in “hallmark holidays”. I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s day. I’m not a mom, a dad, a veteran, a president, and even if I lived in Canada I’m not a boxer. So this weekend I often use to reflect on the entire year. I think of my mom and how I have treated her, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day. So I am going to do that in writing. First I need to let you know something about me…

I am a momma’s boy!

I have never been ashamed to admit my love for my mother. Sometimes I even feel that I express my appreciation and affection for her more to others than I do to her (like I am probably doing by writing this). So in honor of the greatest mom in the world, here are some random Mother’s Day thoughts:

At this point in my life, my mom has shaped my heart, my morals, and my beliefs more than any person. My relationship with Jesus (hopefully) defines my heart, but without my mother that relationship would be drastically different.

They say you marry your mother. That is definitely true in my situation. Jes’ heart embodies the overflowing compassion and sometimes scarring vulnerability of my mom. From the first time they met I felt a connection. Oddly enough, it was a defining moment in my decision to marry Jes.

My mom is not perfect, but she is the perfect mom. I think my mom was just what God intended the mother to be. Comfort, servant, love, servant, compassion, servant, encouragement… did I mention servant?

As the years move on and my relationship with my God and my wife grow deeper into existence, they seem to define me more and more. That does not mean that the relationship with my mom defines me less and less. It just shows that my mom helped lead me into the relationships that God called her to lead me into. She has done her job well. Her job as an encourager, servant, and comforter have changed. They have not lessened, just changed. As her role has changed, her heart has not.

So as I’m sitting here writing this, Jesalyn is driving back from a visit with my mother. My mom continues to serve me by serving my wife. Jesus calls us to be a servant to all. My mom taught/teaches me this not just with words, but by example. This is why I am not ashamed to say, “I AM A MOMMA’S BOY!”


About mikedavenport

Mike Davenport: I live in Charlotte, NC. I am studying to follow my calling into The Ministry of Jesus Christ. I am not exactly sure where God is calling me, but I am listening. I am married to my beautiful wife Jesalyn and we are about to have our first child.

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