A Look Inside… My Brain

Are you waiting for the end or trying to end the wait?

This is the type of thought that drives me. It probably doesn’t make sense to you and if you think you know what it means, it probably means something completely different to me. It’s a raw idea, a flow of thoughts, a progression of a concept. It started with a line in a song and triggered thoughts from a book I’m reading and all I want to do is write out these ideas. Most of the time these thoughts end up making no sense when I start to write them out, but every once in a while I get something that’s slightly comprehensive. This interogative nature has always been inside me, but it took me a long time to begin to embrace it. I don’t know  if its a blessing or a curse, but now I will not be able to get this idea out of my head for a long time.

Does anyone else get consumed by ideas that seem to come from odd places?

This is the song that sparked my mental revolution. It is from one of my favorite bands and I have heard it dozens of times, but for some reason I actually listened to it today.

From the nature of this post you can probably assume there will be an upcoming post about this idea. If I get time to sit down and write through this idea and it seems somewhat coherent then you would be correct.


About mikedavenport

Mike Davenport: I live in Charlotte, NC. I am studying to follow my calling into The Ministry of Jesus Christ. I am not exactly sure where God is calling me, but I am listening. I am married to my beautiful wife Jesalyn and we are about to have our first child.

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